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    {editor's note: there has been some confusion over whether this song is
    "This Was My Love" or "This Is My Love".  The BMI database lists the song
    both ways, with the same author.  Methinks someone may have 'bent' the
    song at some point to suit their own whims.}

    Soft as a raindrop, fresh as the sea
    Warm as the sunshine shining on me
    This was my love, this was my love

    Light was her laughter, few were her tears
    Gentle her beauty, tender her years
    This was my love, this was my love

    So young, so fair, such bright golden hair
    A smile always on her face
    No other love can ever compare
    No other can take her place

    Others may cherish fortune or fame
    I will forever cherish her name
    For this was my love
    This was  my love!

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