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    (G. Jenkins)
    [Recorded April 22, 1965, Hollywood]

    As I approach the prime of my life, I find I have the time of my life
    Learning to enjoy at my leisure all the simple pleasures
    And so I happily concede
    That this is all I ask, this is all I need

    Beautiful girls, walk a little slower when you walk by me
    Lingering sunsets, stay a little longer with the lonely sea
    Children everywhere, when you shoot at bad men, shoot at me
    Take me to that strange, enchanted land grown-ups seldom understand

    Wandering rainbows, leave a bit of color for my heart to own
    Stars in the sky, make my wish come true before the night has flown
    And let the music play as long as there's a song to sing
    Then I will stay younger than Spring

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