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    You and I
    Throughout a summer day
    Have walked a sunlit way
    Or stopped to play.
    You and I,
    Wave wandered hand in hand
    Throughout a happy land
    That we had planned.

    I had hoped that our way might end
    Where the sky and blue horizon blend.
    Yet we've both walked our one last mile.
    It's goodbye for a while.

    When you shall see flowers that lie on the plain,
    Lying there sighing for one touch of rain,
    Then you may borrow
    Some glimpse of my sorrow,
    And you'll understand
    How I long for the touch of your hand.

    I've loved you so
    You'll never know
    How through those far ways
    And strange star ways
    On sea or on land
    I will long for the touch of your hand.

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