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    My feet were killing me, my dogs were barkin',
    I must have fallen asleep where I was parkin',
    And then I dreamed two dogs were talkin', take my word,
    It was the doggone-est thing you ever heard.
    She said, (Mama will bark.)  You look so lovely in the moonlight.
    (Yes, but Papa will bark.)  Your eyes are shining like the starlight.
    (Yes but Mama will bark.)  Your lips are so inviting, darling,
    Give me one more kiss. Howl.
    (Mama will spank.)  The night is young and you are here so near
    (But Papa will spank.)  Please let me whisper in your ear, my dear.
    (But Mama will spank.)  This is the moment I have dreamed of, darling,
    Oh, watch the bliss.  Howl.
    I think that I shall never see a tree as lovely as thee.
    Hot dog, woof.  (Take me right now.)  I wish tonight would never end.
    (I know that Papa will spank.)  I'd like to be more than a friend.
    I know but Mama will bark.  You know I'm crazy 'bout you, honey.
    Give me one more kiss. Howl.
    Give me a kiss.  (I really have to go, Mama will worry.)
    Give me a kiss.  (It's getting late. I really have to hurry.)
    Pant. Pant. Pant.  (Well, just a teensie weensie little one and then goodnight.)
    Howl.  Give me a paw.  (That thing inside me says I really shouldn't).
    Let me hold your paw.  (If it were anybody else, I wouldn't.)
    Give me a paw. (The way you make me stay out late with you,)
    (It just ain't right.).
    Howl.  I swear that I shall never see a canine lovely as thee.
    Hot dog, woof.  (Take me right home.)  I wish the night would never end.
    (I know but papa will spank).  I'd like to be more than a friend.
    (I know but Mama will bite.)  You know I'm crazy about you, honey,
    Give me one more kiss.  Howl!
    Ow, you out there. This is for keeping me awake every night, hah?
    Well, take that!  Yelp.  And take that. Yelp. And take that. Yelp.
    Yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp.  Hot dog, woof.

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