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    (S. Cahn, J. Styne)
    [Recorded August 17, 1982, New York]

    Love makes us whatever we want to be,
    You and me the tip of the top of the tree,
    We can hit the target the others aim for,
    Be whatever they put your name in the for a fame for,
    What we are is absolutely unique,
    Looking at the world from the peak of the peak,
    We're about to make us some history
    So don't quiet it, just forget that wild on the story
    Listen to my poor heart imploring,
    I just need to know you're adoring me,
    Cause love makes us whatever we want to be.
    Hail those famous lovers, they've met their match,
    There in kindergarten just starting from scratch,
    We're about to solve the great mystery.
    So don't fight it, only close while heaven's deciding,
    Watching stars and planets colliding
    From this lovely rainbow we're riding free,
    Love makes us whatever we want to be.
    Love makes us whatever we want to be.

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