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    [Recorded July 20, 1981, New York]

    She was Boston, I was Vegas,
    She was crepe suzette, I was pie,
    She was lectures, I was movies, but I loved her.
    She was Mozart, I was Macy,
    She was afternoon tea, I was saloon,
    She was Junior League, I was Dodgers,
    But I loved her morning, night and noon.
    Opposites attract, the wise men claim,
    Still I wish that we had been a little more the same.
    It might have been a shoot out war,
    If we had know each other more.
    She was polo, I was race track,
    She was museum, I was G.P.
    She did her best to change me
    Though she never never knew quite how,
    But I loved her, almost as much as I do now.

    [piano interlude]

    She was Wall Street, I was pawn shop,
    She was French champagne, I was beer,
    She knew much more that I did
    But there was one thing she didn't know,
    That I loved her, 'cause I never never told her so.

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