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    Anytime you need me babe, just call I'll be there
    Call and see what a good friend can be
    When you need someone to care
    Nothing more than understanding, just a man who's undemanding
    Like a leaf that's only landing suddenly goes when the wind gently blows
    And I'm asking nothing of you love, only what you want to give
    And I wish you what I wish myself, ss long as I may live
    Other arms will surely hold you, just remember the things that I told you
    When these arms of mine enfold you
    It's not out of greed but for love, and for need.

    I love you so, I still do, I'm sure you know when I'm holding you
    The sad part of seeing you is goodbye
    Call and I'll come when your world's come undone
    I'm like you, I get lonely too, and I need someone to hold
    Knowing well this world can be hell and sometimes very cold

    Nothing firm and nothing binding, now and then a slight reminding
    Waking up one day and finding somewhere to run, somewhere to run
    Somewhere to run when your world's come undone
    Oh babe, I'll be there, I'll be there anytime

    There's a certain thing about you, summer, fall and spring about you
    I could write and sing about you, and never run out, never run out (no)
    Never run out of what you're all about
    Oh babe, I'll be there , I'll be there anytime

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