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    [Music: A. Adamus / Lyrics: M. Kolar]

    Gaze with me now...
    As I enchant your eyes!
    Outside your borders...
    Beyond the realm of sight!

    Float with me through the ether...
    To the edge of the unseen world!
    Here at the edge of twilight...
    The crest of oblivion unfolds!

    Slaves to the horn arise!
    Undead conquerors unite!

    Behold they are gathered!
    The Mighty await the call!
    The armies of Darkness!
    Before them you shall fall!

    Let the call gather the conquerors of Armageddon!
    Let the cleansing and blood low again!
    Let the blood low again!

    ...with the call...
    ...they take wing!
    Armed with disease and woe...
    The king of jews shall fall!

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