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    Watch as the big man knocks off their blocks.
    Run up the ladder but not far enough.
    Cheat the numbers, watch the games get tough.
    They've done the dirty work, dressed for respect.
    Into deep, couldn't pay your way out.
    Just owe him a favor, he'll use his clout.
    Double crossed, hot lead delivered.
    Politicians body floats dead in the river.

    Secret service, crimes highest court.
    Thompson bullet holes, shred into the suits.
    Under table oath, now in a pact.
    You'll get away with murder, when you're caught in the act.
    Holy rollers, contract blood baths.
    When fathers die they bleed their sons path.
    For the Father, in Gods name.
    The love of money warms the families' pain.

    Power brokers, black jack poker.
    Wearing piano wire chokers.
    The streets are scanned, the cops undermanned.
    Another city palm in hand.
    Shots ignited while sins cleanse in church.
    He sits by their sides as police sirens search.
    For his henchmen, they're getting away.
    Judges handshake, justice betrayed.

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