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    What was it, something that I realised
    A need inside me took me by surprise
    I see two sides now, I just don't know
    Subjected now an addict of control

    Mirror yourself if you can even try
    Gaze deep into god's sleepy eye
    Arabesques in my cold burn freeze
    Deliverance upon my dirty knees

    Dominator life's blood, my need
    The balance in my hands, the life blood seed
    Underneath a hood of stars, I realised just who you are

    Oh, my October thorns in my side
    It makes me wonder will the need subside

    You miscalculated the algebra of need
    I died for you, now why shouldn't you return the favour

    You've come to learn junkie of control
    The more you push the stuff, the more it flows
    Twist the plot of demand supply
    A grim reflection of both you and I

    Now I know just who you really are
    I realised just who I really am
    Now I know just who I really am

    "I wrote this little rock 'n' roll riff at 3:00 AM in the
    morning, sitting in my room. Took it to practice the
    next day, arranged it, Mr. Gregory had lyrics a few
    weeks later. Here it is." Mike

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