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    Another night of restless sleep, a life I chose to lead,
    Dream of harsh reality, a vision of your life you see.
    House of fire; the price you pay for a broken family,
    The anger that burns inside, you still can't set it free.
    Struggle for your sanity, betrayed and left alone,
    No one to reach out to, for you to call your own.
    You want to end this life of hell, to free your heart of stone,
    In self-digrace, the human race, the streets become your home.

    Day and night are now the same as winter falls and feeds the pain,
    Do you think that you're to blame for the life they chose to lead.
    The cards were dealt for them to play in a game of life and death,
    They lost their lives, misguided fortune, there's nothing for you now.
    Darkness settles over you, only memories breed more pain,
    Molded from the grinding stone, you live your life in vain.
    Blackened scarfs that remain alive, you cover with your guise,
    Time to live, time to die, which will you decide?

    Misguided fortune,
    A life they did not choose to lead,
    Misguided fortune,
    No one to guide you in this insanity,
    Misguided fortune,
    You paid a price for their fatal mistake,
    Misguided fortune,
    This is not how they wanted it to be...

    House of fire, a price well paid, a life now yours to lead,
    You released the pain from inside, before it drained your life.
    You came to terms, you weren't to blame for their decisions now are yours,
    The mask is gone, no more to hide, the face of fate you kept inside.
    Against the odds you stayed alive, to rebuild this fatal mess,
    The life in vain that sucked you in is fading with the past.
    You found a home, security, the strength that you desired,
    To live your life long prophecy, your chance to kill the fire.

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