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    The end of time has come, the day after.
    Everything is black, the world is over.
    There are no trees, all life has crumbled.
    Cities tumbled down, man's self-destruction.


    Screams from deep below, what can they be?
    Sounds of pounding metal, radiation creation.
    A creature of strength and power so real.
    Ascends from beneath, Metalshock to reveal.

    Atomchild begins to grow, scans the barren zones,
    Exploring his new home, he's all alone...
    Through days and nights he roams,
    Upper streets and catacombs,
    No life at all, but a megawatt wall.
    Great wall stacks to the sky, scarred V lays nigh.
    Reaches out his mighty fist, the power gives a hiss.
    The louder it gets, the better he feels.
    His secret unveils, Metalshock is revealed.

    Pounding Metal across the land,
    Life-giving magic in his hands,
    The power chords raise the dead,
    People come alive banging their heads.

    Mankind now lives for Metal, it's inside of us all.
    The power from the shock, rise after we fall.
    The creature of strength and power so real,
    Returns us to Earth's core until World War Four.


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