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    I see the tracers it leaves in the sky
    A racing stripe canopy for your eye
    I see it dying fast right through the floor
    An aftershock of filth and gore

    We try our best to just keep control
    Just to keep breathing
    Is reaching a goal

    I can see now how fast it really grows
    I see God's face with a bloody nose
    Unbelievable to you and me
    Yet easier all the time to see

    We try our best to not lose our minds
    Just to keep breathing is wasting our time
    We try our best to gain control
    Just to keep living is taking it's toll

    It doesn't take a scientist
    To really comprehend the gist
    That everyday we all decide
    To slowly commit suicide
    And there is no hotline to call
    No saviour coming to get us all
    I can't fathom how it happened so fast
    How bad we were beaten
    Floored and harassed

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