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    What is this game we play with broken hearts and tears?
    Been played by young and old for oh so many years,
    Can you tell me honestly you've never been a pawn?
    Someone steals your love away, you turn around...they're gone.

    It is the game of temptation, it is the play of the heart,
    Cry out in desperation, Iron Tears take you apart.

    Love to you is lies to me - Iron Tears
    Love is cruel and lies cut deep - Iron Tears

    This time reverse the pain that brought upon your fears,
    This time forget the part about broken hearts and tears,
    Come on, take command, show no mercy, cruel and cold,
    Iron eyes see right through and control the soul.


    My love for you is lies you see - Iron Tears
    Love is cruel and lies cut deep - Iron Tears

    Iron Tears, the tears you cry, are tears enough for all.
    Iron Tears, the tears I cry, are tears enough for all.

    Now you know just how it feels from both sides of the heart,
    Do you like the tearing, or to be torn apart?
    What do you feel inside when you bleed a soul?
    What do you want from love, mercy or control?


    The game of love is made of lies, don't you see?
    Iron Tears will forever be. Iron Tears...

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