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    Hello, how are you?  Ready tonight?
    I'm here to show you.
    I know your kind, I like you just fine,
    Anyway I choose.
    Hammerhead baby in plainsight, in lace and leather.
    She wants me to feel just right,
    Wants to get together.

    Come on now lady, show me how you rock,
    I wanna get to know you.
    I'm hot, so give me what you've got,
    My turn to go you.
    Faster than the speed of light,
    Wham bam! I thank you, or...
    All night pounding away, with more ways to please me.

    Love for the taking, she talks with her eyes,
    Wants me to give her a ride.
    Spellbound she takes me way deep inside,
    Hammerhead baby tonight...Hold tight!

    We're all alone, my love has grown,
    My time to show you.
    You're on your knees, you're ready to please,
    Give me the Hammer...Head.



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