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    Greed can't wash your filthy hands
    Now you know Just where you really stand
    Competition. Man against man
    Vicious players, Game of life has no plan.

    Candiate for office, You vote for me,
    I'm young, smart, smooth-talkin', no one can bullshit me
    Promises promises Just another vote.
    High paid thief in office, sharpened lies cut your throat

    What do you really want What will you pay
    To stab another back, To get your way
    And grease the painted palms, all gagged and bound
    You try to rip me off I'll bring you down

    Kill Or be killed, that's what we're all taught
    Money, drugs, religion, they've all got their plots
    To make it to the big time, then pay off the cops
    It's greed that motivates them and only death will make them stop

    Guilt tool of the trade, you crushed someone's mind
    To get your own way, you were my friend
    You've cut the bloodline that never ends

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