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    You can't be first, but you may be next,
    The next one to betray and chosen to face this test.
    When you find yourself scorning the trust and
    Find it simple to lie,
    Falling easy prey to your lust, giving treachery a try.

    You'll soon wish you could die... it can be arranged...

    Go right ahead, go on and play your games,
    Your time will come my friend, your heart will shred your brain.
    When it does, you'll know and feel the wickedness of delusion,
    And the pain selfish pleasures conceal.

    Desecrator - insanity is close at hand, fear and desolation.
    Violator - your conscience will command, no, it's not a dream.
    It's a living nightmare - a moment of lust destroys the bond.
    Desecrator - cursed jezebel, it will never end... rot in hell.

    You weren't the first and won't be the last,
    The last one to betray, you have failed this test.
    Like a helpless plaything, a powerless victim of lust,
    You gambled honor for pleasure, a wager that cost precious trust.

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