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    Far away across the sea, early twentieth century,
    A demon with a man's face.
    Rose to power in Germany, dictator-monster, deceiving,
    Emperor of the Third Reich.

    Sieg Heil! All Hail! Sieg Heil!

    Star of David ripped to shreds,
    Holocaust, twelve million dead,
    Der Fuhrer and his master race.
    Red, white and black flies everywhere,
    So much power, world beware, Hitler to rule the Earth.
    Swastika, horrid miscreation, in the camps of concentration,
    God's chosen in that Nazi hell.


    Allied forces go to war, bloody battles by the score,
    London, Paris, many more.
    Air raid sirens screaming loud,
    Bombers like the reaper's shroud,
    Deutschland terror marching proud.
    So much pain and misery, far away across the sea,
    Hope he never lives again.


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