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    You think that everyone's against you
    You think the world's a conspiracy
    Life is a movie about you
    We're all supporting your lead
    You've been up for a week or two
    You've done everything with nothing to do
    Eyes so big how do you see
    You've lost all your personality

    Spun Vacation, Chemical Noose

    Completely lost and right in front of me
    Can't go to work, gotta stay clean
    Spinning in circles take a soma
    Now revive in a coma
    Can't find any, can't find none
    Oh my god the vacation's done
    Wish you had a little bump to smoke
    You smell the punchline and don't get the joke

    Don't pick up the phone don't get the door
    Gotta pick your face and do some more
    Hallucination entertaining you
    Wish you could eat, sleep, or find something to do

    Fly, like a sigh
    No way to save yourself inside
    Sleep, like it's time
    Try to remind yourself
    One more time
    Sleep, like it's time
    No way to hold it down
    It's time to die

    Spun Vacation, Chemical Noose
    Broken Headlight, Chemical Noose

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