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    Down in the deep, black hole of my heart
    I feel the pain inside of the dreams that died
    And I saw a dark message clawed on a wall today, it said
    Forever burn this world, it's far too late

    Now I stare out my window, I see the towers rise
    Toxics seep into my backyard before my very eyes
    Industrial revolution, no other solution
    For the junk cultured junkies needs
    So take a deep breath because it ain't over yet
    The machine it's got to bring you down to your knees

    Outside the gates of redemption inside my happy home
    Contact with big Mr. Mega Bucks on my cellular phone
    Dollar for dollar the business hounds holler
    Sour mouthed stomachs well fed
    And I'm moving the game yet I still complain
    The paranoia, it swells inside my head

    How will I ever know which way the wind blows
    Will there be no place to hide when the storm comes down
    To tear off my hide, defenseless, rich or poor
    When the wolves start gathering round my door
    Self-destructed, I never anticipated
    Such pain from the things that I've created

    Burn, burn, burn, burn, the device and the ice that's in my heart
    Burn down the lies and the hatred in my eyes
    Let it burn, burn to see the world turn
    And it's all there in front of me
    And I feel compelled to make you see...reality
    This is the turning point, these are the crossroads
    Detonated lunacy and it's not a dream, it's not a dream

    No greener sky, no blacker seay, no greater war inside of me

    Now I stare out my window, the patients on the lawn
    Loved ones visiting hours wonder what went wrong, wrong, wrong
    Outside the gates of redemption, my mind is never alone
    Hospitalized, lobotomized, big machine, please come take me home

    This is reality

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