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    Trying times. I tried so hard (so hard) to work it out
    When really there was nothing i could ever do.
    Tried to unlearn all the steps they forced on me (i learned 'em cold)
    And slowly all the pieces come unglued.
    I hate it all I hate it all I hate it all
    Sometimes i hate it just as much as you.
    Lost inside a maze of words/a contract on my soul
    They take it out to make sure we will not succeed.
    All these people reaching with their hands into my pockets
    I tell them i'm all empty, they won't believe me.
    Sometimes i hate it just as much as me.
    Falling down again. It seems like everything's against me
    Colours float like feathers in the air.
    Hold my hand so tightly. They're wheeling me away
    I'm crying out but i don't think you hear.
    Fallen down again. I know you've stacked it all against me
    Colours rip the feathers from the air.
    Hold my head so tightly. Locking me away
    I'm screaming out, but i know you don't care.

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