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    My system crashed like a princess on the run
    All work was lost and the o.s. was done
    What did I do to have faulty parts bestowed?
    Maybe the gods don't know binary code.

    I was looking away
    I was looking away
    I was looking away
    Now it's telling me "press the any key. out of memory."

    Look up the maker and give the line a call
    They'll claim the error is quite logical
    My tasks were simple, I had a good technique
    Now with computers they take me all week.

    All my friends have gone outside
    They all came past to say goodbye
    I'm a slave to my machine
    And it commands me through the screen
    Radiation burns my skin
    And my bones.

    They're all in league it's an information drain
    They're out to get me and drive us all insane
    Insight me on to a hardware killing spree
    Cpu murder in the first degree

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