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    Tell me all about how things will never go too far
    Situation normal you're still living in the dark
    You don't seem to care that I don't have that much to say
    Gives you more time to blather on about your boring fucking day

    Oh my I don't know why I really hope you go and die
    So I can live here without you, and keep July

    I wonder what you're telling her when I am miles away
    Maybe that I'm screwing someone or I am turning gay
    If you said something honest it would have to be a fluke
    As all the rest of your bullshit dribbles out of you like puke

    Anyone that falls for you is one less pain for me
    Cause that just means they're way too stupid to see you like I see
    You treat your friends like crap but still you think my words are crass
    If you open your mouth again I'll kick your fucking ass

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