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    So you think you've seen it all before
    And you think that you know what's in store
    Now you're telling me that no one can knock you down
    Well it's gonna happen pretty soon
    While you're busy singing out of tune
    Next thing you know you're lieing there on the ground

    I knew a man by the name of Jack
    Always want to stab his friends in the back
    When all they ever did was try and give him love
    Pretty soon he chased them all away
    Even still he's got lots to say
    But no one was there to listen they had enough

    Eyes are closed and your ears are shut
    Head's full of rocks and your brain's in your butt
    And all I ever hear from you is blah blah blah blah blah

    Words just like a spice
    A little bit makes the dish taste nice
    Use too much you'll find it burns too hot
    Listen up and here and now
    While I make a solemn vow
    I talk too cruel then let me please be shot

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