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    "I see then nightshade grow" he spoke
    And southern hounds awoke at dawn
    Sought for the ever-liquid of our craving
    Caught by the all embracing nightly sun
    Admass - I laugh at your feeble lies - trash

    Hatred in my eyes and in my blood
    A scream across the fields - the rivers weep
    A vanquished lord upon an oaken throne
    Grief inside my flame - grasp at my existence
    The seal of dawn is broken - fury


    A windswept thought
    Out in the perimeter where laughts are
    No longer heard, screams no longer seen
    And life is always lost
    Gaze into the skies for they are blind
    Blinded by the nightshade of our lust
    Grinded to dust
    The wolves are here

    The beast of the savage lands
    They drink my blood
    They feast upon my remains
    The tears in their eyes betry


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