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    Since the day of my departure
    I've been stumbling through reality
    I play my symphony in reverse
    In search for that special path

    Be gentle to the tear in this I
    Lonesome arms, lost its wings again

    Buy me a trip to the moon
    So I can laugh at my mistakes
    I can see the end from here
    From this perspective it looks kind of silly
    Satellites and astronauts
    Tell me there are greater things ahead

    Make me feel like a man
    A silent cry from the middle of hell
    I - the irony - I promise, I'll be mature
    So please, invite me to your shelter again

    Been hiding since I heard "never"
    Take me back to yesterday, I need to grow

    Steal my mask and make me pay
    I need a new skin
    I'm going insane

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