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    As I aim for that bright white day
    Conflict serum is my aura
    It seems that life's so fragile
    I guess I'll fly some other time

    I lack from superhighway thoughts
    Won't live as long as the city lights
    Soaked by underwater times
    Electric splash on a midnight drive

    Wish I could rape the day,
    just something radical
    Lost the sense of sweet things
    Who's gonna take me widely?

    Guided by the pinball map
    The driver, still unknown
    Who was sent to glorify?
    Before we injected this common pride

    Sometimes I don't belong
    Release me from your world
    Pacified by the small things in life
    I wait for earthquakes to rearrange

    Never been able to use the force
    I only have it read to me
    Despite all the misguided faith
    (Maybe) I'll find a place in this mess

    Early morning moments
    A glimpse of joy
    But soon it's over and I return to dust
    As I try to be
    Everything and everyone
    I waste away

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