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    I lie in your soothing arms, lord Hypnos
    your garment alive with your song
    I lie in your soothing arms, lord Hypnos

    Steep the spiral to your far abode
    in the wake of slumber, on visions I rode
    and fell like history through the chasm of ages
    into the charged, forbidden zones

    How I have searched
    through a million worlds and faces
    yet unaware, I have not found
    my own true face, traceless and profound

    So, find me in these grandiose halls
    where long ago summers eternally fall
    and tune the strings of truthful longing
    to the frozen music of gods

    Hypnagonia´s lucid horizons
    play with the yearning I´ve quelled
    as I strike towards the Pantheon
    and what therein is held

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