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    Mankind - proud conqueror and king
    swings its flag of primal glory to the winds
    Titans of the power-myth that failed
    Neanderthal hunger for the flesh of war so frail

    So weak, so hollow-minded
    the primat flock responds
    the jester race submits

    For each day of war is a failure for man,
    enslaved to her mordial genes
    Illusions bleed from their fetid cores
    bent to their rotten extremes

    We, the plague of Terra Firma,
    nature´s grand and last mistake
    plant the poisoned seed of cancer,
    set the severed fruits awake
    Burning like frozen relics
    in god´s archaic graveland

    Burn the visionaire
    Kill the ideologies
    Mankind must die

    The doves and the angels return to their graves
    with flames on their pestilent wings
    while mushroom-clouds haunt their virginwhite skies
    to rape their utopian dreams

    Living the last days of evolution´s end
    from the nest of humanity, the graveland vultures rend

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