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    I demand nothing, but I want it all
    what privilege do we have under the sun,
    that gives us the right to the throne ?

    species come and go, bu the earth stands forever fast
    all river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full

    to discover the lonliness and be to proud to show the wounds
    will forever wander alone through the years

    but I won´t let you near
    begging for you to understand
    the fear that lives in my soul
    which is an untouch spring

    read, what is writtenon the silent mouth
    what is written in the soul
    for which is written in the shining silence
    we all have to read

    my body will be bent from the burdens
    when the shaking floor of life-force
    reveal it´s chasm underneath
    if only one could be two steps ahead

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