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    in my world, the day is no threat
    in my world, there is an absence of light
    "genetic superiour cell" controled
    by fathomless and undearable

    a radical new form of plastic and rage
    biologically optomized
    but with a strangling pulse

    iin your world, you find me worthy
    in my world, I "parashoot" my life
    a virtual drogstore populated
    by the fathomless and unbearable

    machine, meat and blood
    in an intimate relationship
    the new - superior -
    more effective than all the preceeding

    where we can no longer
    cry and reality is torn
    then it´s easy to forget
    that the responsibillity lies on us all

    in your world, the night is no threat
    in my world, the darkness
    transforms to a vision of hell
    populated by fathomless and unbearable

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