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    Your self control makes me feel alone
    I've tried confidence, had it for breakfast today
    I've lost the perfection, a mess without words
    As the seasons change I'll continue to ignore
    The image I project - me without me
    The picture that I scanned is borrowed

    After the education you stopped making sense to me
    Seems to me that it's all the same, time and time again
    Slowly, all that I believed in, turning into a lie
    To aim and miss, my supernatural art
    Spending to much time with myself
    Trying to explan who I am

    How come it's possible
    I wish there was a way
    I feel so invinsible
    I'm the sculpture made of clay

    I need someone to break the silence
    before it all falls apart
    I need something to cling onto
    before I break you in parts

    So afraid of what you may think
    And all the plastic people that surrounds me
    I have to find the path to where it all begins
    To teach the world my supernatural art

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