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    Reach for your razor
    Cut through the dawn
    See through your inner wrath
    Keys shan't open the doors

    Behold my heart has stopped
    My lungs are laid the final rest
    And still I see and do I feel
    Yes, but to earthly eyes I am gone
    To the land where legends never die
    Take me to the twilight land tonight

    Again and again and again in every night
    The darkness climbs through my walls
    Ever screaming silent to the corrupted ears

    Never to any man I will spear
    My speach it has no value
    Eyes that have seen the sights
    Bleed through the ages eternal

    I ask no more
    A life has just begun
    Never will I see the sun
    And do I miss it
    No, my eyes are black
    Emotions fled through eyelids closed
    Throne of thorns
    Clad in shadows

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