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    Do you feel anything at all?
    Do you hear steps at the door?
    Do you reckon the smell of....?
    It's life-the the dark that binds you

    Frigthened  by your own smell
    Bitternes will run you through

    Silent screaming
    Turning, twisting the alphabet
    Frantic eyes
    Awaiting the answer
    Splinters of a poem
    Fragments of what you used to be
    Habitual and gullible
    Run-down memoirs is all that's left

    Do you wish to sleep?
    Do you aim for the shadow?
    Do you feel infected?
    It's life-the the dark that binds you

    It's the cowardice that puls you under
    And takes you to the end, where it begins
    Release, the world is waiting on your arrival
    Close your eyes, as we witness another bullet ride

    Do you know about atrocity?
    Do you that everbody's gone?
    Do you know that you're on your own?
    It's life-the the dark that binds you

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