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    There's no place that still remains
    Just deserted space all left in grey
    Why did we lose, the knowledge of time?
    Is this the price, the hell we pay?
    The poisoned fear known to man
    is he who try to find his path
    The collective force blaming you
    "This is day day we split in half"

    Thrown to the gallow, forgotten and sore
    sworn to be different in what way I can
    The sultry taste that is special to me
    is the last gleeful glimpse of a bitter man

    Down and troubled, in search for better days
    Back to the beginning, I'm at the end
    All my time, compressed to itching moments
    as the future repeats today

    So impressed, lost the faith in all I had
    Broken down, I'm on my way to be dissolved

    The hopes and prays of things to come
    I've lost them all with glory
    Urgent to aim for that short-lived joy
    I see gold in all that lies before me

    And so we ignore the beggers cup
    Praise your act in the Grand Finale
    Teach the unborn the winners sign
    a welcome grin to the world Royal

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