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    I feel these wings are spreading
    Can't wait 'til the day that we can fly away
    Angel looks in the sky
    It's still trying to reach us
    I've made nothing to something
    Gripped gold 'til gravels redemption
    Reach up
    But will this
    Bring me bright skies
    A soul set to be shattered grows
    Ignorance of the brain can overshadow
    Let go of thought and feel where your brain can't go...
    How does it feel
    Does it seem real, to be on the wrong side
    How does it feel
    Does it seem real, to be at all...
    A mind trained to be hollow knows
    (Vibrations start to show)
    Now thoughts have cleared and feelings takes control
    (The knowledge of the soul)
    Let go of skin and realize there's so much more...
    (Chorus x2)
    Bring me bright skies
    Now I've seen what stings
    Now it is my time to shine
    Shine on with me
    Bring truth to family
    Heres one thing
    Can't tear it away from me
    It's everything to me
    It's all I can be
    This family I'll bleed
    This family I need
    Without these few I could not breathe.....
    (Chorus x2)

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