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    Where rape is called 'freelance gynecology'
    Portraits of heathens hang, while heroes die on our t.v. screen
    Not a soul in sight
    Just a coroner who can't sleep,
    Because of what he sees when he dreams at night
    The corpses stare at him with open arms and wide open eyes
    This is not a dream
    Just wake up and see what i mean
    What a tale
    We have failed
    Paradise lost in the midst of this freedumb
    (you let me down!)
    Where world religion has had a suicidal theme
    You'll find more demons in gods than you'll find on these corrupted streets

    'bold statements from a liar'
    Your beliefs are broken so, danger, danger, hide or retreat
    In god we will contradict
    Now let the truth be released
    Of untold tales and mistruths
    Bring forth the whole world to see
    That your manmade faith and your contagious 'steepled casino' cult
    Is just a lie
    Keep your security
    I don't need you
    Keep your stability
    I don't need you
    You keep your guarantee
    I don't need you
    Keep your book of faith
    Can't see through false freedom's eyes
    They told their tales
    Now shotgun shells
    Will send their souls
    Back to hell
    All has failed
    Nothing's well
    Your secret lies
    In this well...
    Too close to bottom...
    Impulse suffer, reflex beating from your mind
    Freedom, the word that means blind
    Hatred, swells up inside from this freedom
    Oh well
    You suffer
    No one lives to tell
    Oh well
    It's over
    No one lives to tell
    Too close
    This well
    Too close...

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