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    There is hope when you have messages
    On your answermachine.
    There is hope when you hear a knock on
    Your door at night
    And you're not expecting anyone.
    Hope when the plane
    You're in is going up instead of down.
    Hope when you fall
    From a cliff and wake up and it was
    Just a dream.
    So don't let the bastards bring you down!
    There is hope
    When the hedgehog doesn't get hit by cars,
    On his way across the roads.
    There is hope when music still souches your soul,
    Oh yeah, and gives you
    Strenght, yeah, to carry on. Hope when people don't
    Take it no more and
    Go out (you go out) out in the street and demonstrate,
    Hope in this song I
    Sing well, there is hope in almost everything.
    Don't let the bastards
    Bring you down! Don't let the passed bring you down!
    I've been so down
    Now baby, but I'm coming up, up to see some sights,
    There is hope,
    There gotta be some hope

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