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    On the left sidewalk there was a dropped thing waiting
    To be picked up, so I picked it up. And it happened to be
    A roll of film and I couldn't see anyone around so I
    Saw absolutely nothing wrong to put it in my pocket.
    She put it, in her pocket. Because I had nothing to do
    But lazy strolling around so I went to a photoshop and
    One hour later I gave them a little money for these photoprints.
    Ah, I can tell you it was exciting to open up that bag but first
    I went quite pissed of because the photographer apparently were
    Not a real pro: There were some pretty flowers, of course very beautiful!
    And there were some shaky pictures taken from a train or a
    Car. There were surely ten pictures of houses and I thought
    To myself it was stupid of me to hand in this roll and
    Pay for it, but in the very next moment I saw something
    Fairly strange: On the top of the roof wich was a flat one,
    Mexican roof sat a girl with a dotted bikini HOO!And I
    Watched her for a very long time and I wondered if she
    Was aware of the cam  I don't think she was. With a
    Closer look I discovered HEY! There's either a man or a
    Women on top of the roof of all of them. Very strange!
    Question: Was it some kind of obsession, or just a coincidence?
    Question: Was it some kind of obsession, or just a coincidence?
    Answer: Absolutely the first suggestion. Well I put all this
    Pictures in a line and then in two lines and then finally
    In five lines. Because I was playin'with them as they were some
    Kinda cards. And then I put 'em in a pattern. I guess it's
    Some kind of obsession!

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