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    Never thought about the importance of a window cleaner but
    Now I do, yes, now I do. I'm up on the eleventh floor
    And from here you can see
    Everything: The cold stores
    And the parks ande the place where we got robbed
    And the bridge between Sweden and Denmark
    And the place where we first kissed. We're four in
    This room, we lie man to man to man to man to but I
    Wish we were five yeah, I wish I lied next to you.
    I'm up on the eleventh floor and I know
    You're down there: The dancing and the
    Drinks. The drinking and the dance
    And the laughter when fucking up things
    And the place where we
    First kissed. Oh Oh Oh
    It can be beautiful sometimes
    It can be terrible sometimes!
    The man next to me, Dan, is 72
    He used to repair cars now it's
    His turn to be repaired He says: Oh, boy!
    You're much too young to be here
    And I don't know what to say
    To him, so I say:
    Oh, boy! So are you
    Oh, boy how are you?

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