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    We took a photo in a photobooth, we looked quite pretty
    on the pictures that came out. Member I was smilin'
    for our future kids, so they would think there mum and
    dad were happy all the time but we were not. They
    thought we were dancing all around in love! Thought
    we were always havin' fun, laughing all the time. We were

    She took a photo of him (in a restaurant). They looked quite
    bored until she picked up the camera. Then they were
    kissing, yelling, hugging funny things for the colorprints
    so that somebody else could say: Hey! Look! They are
    always havin'fun ? they are in love! They are dancing
    'round and 'round, laughing all the time in Love!

    I can say that we were troubled. That some faces are
    double. I can say that them and us were troubled. That
    them and them and them and them are double.
    Dancing all around, in love! Always havin'fun, aaahh
    Dancing 'round and 'round in love! Always havin'fun
    in front of the cam. In front of the cam.

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