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    It moves between us
    For one moment
    Like opium and your heart
    We've remedys from the ancient gods
    To heal the morals of our shadow devil
    Come to me open up the door
    Lead me ciahra to the centre of it all
    She opened and cried
    With arms outstretched
    Lay down next to me
    Come take what's left
    She cried holding me
    Someone's inside too cruel to suffer
    For what she wants
    Condensation on the windows
    Peering back at myself
    Through the webs we have weaved
    Till this radiant morning somewhere else
    Oh where have I been
    Where have I been
    Her lips were hard
    My heaven is cold let's loose her
    Whose inside me
    Let's use her
    For what she wants
    Take her loosen up
    Loose enough

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