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    Well it's a righteous claim but I remind you
    A righteous claim but I remind you,
    Take their horses, let em crawl,
    Put em in their cages,
    Well that's righteous for your soul,
    Open your eyes, despite what's deep, Longevity
    Well that's righteous for the weak.
    Moonchild, lure me down (repeat)

    Well it's a righteous day but I remind you
    (I'll give your lifes supply)
    Oh it's a righteous day
    Never return I won't wait no more
    Take no prisoners in the promised war
    You'll die for this, die for this, take them
    Moonchild, Lure me down (repeat)

    Pick up and save the pieces
    Can't you see, you're losing me
    Moonchild, lure me down, lure me down
    A revisit to an empty hall, you can't see I've been burned before
    Will they tear you down, can they bear your shame,
    Longevity hear my claim
    And I'm waiting (repeat)
    And a white moon falls, a black moon calls
    Waiting to divide the wall
    I knelt down where I burned before
    And I wrote what you read,
    I knelt down where I burned before
    And I know what you read

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