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    Move back, Step outside yourself
         Just move back, Step outside yourself

           Just move back stepping outside yourself
           Feel I'm falling upwards looking at hell
    {       Blue Blue, What am I supposed to do?
    {       Well life looks a little hazy
    {       Looking at my self...                    {These 3 lines are on 12"}
           Sea Green - If you know what I mean?
           Please unleash this animal inside
           Out of my mind

    Chorus: Well it's the perspiration, it's draining my head
       Perspiration, is draining my head
       Perspiration, is draining my head
       Perspiration, is draining my head

           Blue Angel
           In this night fall            {This night for us??}
           It's substance, it dawns        {The suffocation stops??}
           In this night form

           The Constant Pain (x2)            {The Astral Plane??}

           It keeps grinning            {It's got to bleed}

           Blue Blue, I'm preying for you
           Get out the electrostatic hotwire
           I've got a drain on you


           Blue Angel
           In this night form
           It's substance, it dawns
           We feed at nightfall
           Blue Angel
           This stillness nightform
           Come down
           In the depths

       In every dream home a heartache
       And every step I take
       Takes me further from Heaven
       Or is there a Heaven?    
       I'd like to think so

       Standards of living, they're rising
       But "Home, Sweet Home" is only a saying
       From bedknobs to faucets
       It's not an apartment
       The cottage is pretty - the main house a palace
       Then cottage perfection; what goes on - what to do there?
       Better pray there

       Open and living
       Under the ranch stile
       All of its comforts
       Seems so essential

       I bought you mail order
       My plainwrapper baby
       Your skin is like vinyl
       The perfect companion
       You float in my new pool
       Delicious, delightful
       Inflatable doll, my role is to serve you

       Disposable darling
       I'll throw you away now
       Immortal and life-sized my breath is inside you
       I'll dress you up daily
       I'll give it my best try            {Doesn't sound right?}

       Inflatable doll
       You're never ungrateful
       I blew up your body but you blew up my mind

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