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    Stop to think before you blow it
    'Cause if you think you don't it will lead
    You down the path to the end of your life

    So - I finally got you hooked
    Now you've become a crook
    And your life belongs to me

    Yo - you'll do anything to get me
    How much you want to bet me
    'Cause I'm pure ecstacy

    You started spending up your money
    Now you're cold and hungry
    'Cause you have no place to live

    Yep - life is getting kinda harder
    Out there beggin' for a dollar
    But nobody will give


    See - I told you life would get much harder
    You thought you were smarter
    But I'm always in control

    Oh yes - so many out there love me
    They can't get enough of me
    Just one hit and then they're sold

    They told you not to try me
    Said you would never be free
    There'd be something missing

    Now you're hanging on the corner
    Beggin' for a dollar
    'Cause you refused to listen

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