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    Please tell me what is going on
    What have I done to you
    To make you feel so blue

    I know something has gone wrong
    I can see it in your eyes
    There is no need to lie

    If I am truly your friend
    Maybe sometimes we don't agree
    But, you can come to me

    You know I'm here until the end
    And if I can ease the pain
    I'll make you see a brighter day

    Either now or later

    I don't want to pressure you
    I know you need some time
    To search and try to find

    Put all your thoughts into view
    And you will soon believe
    Anything you can achieve

    I hate to see you feel this way
    'Cause all your misery
    Is killing me baby

    Things will change if not today
    Look to the heavens up above
    And there is where you'll find your love

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