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    Faced with a challenge of finding right and wrong
    In a brand new world that recognizes none

    It's hard for me to believe in all my travels
    I'm the only one the only one

    Using food for thought and thought for food
    All I have is my attitude, the hour glass, and my
    Ever changing mood

    Faced with a challenge of doing all the novel talk
    Wondering how to pay for the things my mouth has bought

    Wanting to say the right things whenever I talk
    I changed the way I stood and the way I walked


    Lord help me find my way
    So that I may go forward
    And lead the way

    Want to lose the negative but all I lose is time
    There's a constant battle going on
    a chained heart an mind who's winning

    Faced with a challenge of knowing right from wrong
    Having no preference or allegiance to either one

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