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    She screams out every night in a billion tears
    In desperate fear that you're somewhere near
    Faulting her action for all that's occurred
    Wanting to tell all, never saying a word
    Because she believes you're her hero
    She wants to believe you still love her
    But if you persist, she just might hurt you
    So I suggest you refrain and don't ever touch me (again)
    Trying to regain a sense of reality
    Only inches away from pure insanity
    Releasing the anger, the hurt, heartache and rage
    No more feeling like an animal stalked, trapped and caged
    Because she believes she's a survivor
    She knows that she's on the right track
    But just you remember she's a beginner
    So I suggest you refrain and don't ever touch me (again)
    Haunted by the ghost of the thing left to past
    In fear of the presence, the power it has
    Realizing there's always a calm before the storm
    But there's no one left to keep her from harm
    Because she is unable to distinguish one from another
    All she knows is she's not going to let it happen again
    You should have left this one alone, but I bet you won't ever touch her (again)

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