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    Hearts were made to be broken
    Love was made for passing by
    Times were made to be forgotten
    Eyes were made to cry
    Life ain´t a way of living
    It won´t give you all you want
    Lies aren´t there to be forgiven
    They turn future into past
    Memories are there to remember
    Fantasies are there so you can dream
    Feelings get two human beings together
    Facts make them live in sin
    Words are there to say "I´m sorry
    For living with you part of your life"
    Kisses say "I know you love me
    But forgive me I´m wrong and you´re right"
    I´m going to stay
    With me on my way
    As I walk far from home
    To a land I don´t know
    Why I´m doing this to myself
    Isn´t there a better way
    To find out
    The truth´s out there?
    But these rings of fire
    Surrounds us, burns our souls
    We won´t give up
    Until it´ll take controll
    This rings of fire
    Why do they do this all?
    What do they want from you?
    What do they want from me?
    What do we have to do?
    What do we have to be?
    Rings of fire like
    Strong arms envolve
    Us in our way home
    Rings of fire
    Love makes us fall down on
    Our knees and crawl
    For freedom
    Freedom from this rings of fire
    Break through the dark
    And live a peacefull life

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