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    Life creates it's warriors
    Life creates it's enemies
    And fights within itself
    And warriors fight forever
    Killing themselves by being born
    Each soldier a feeling that died
    Each feeling a soldier is born
    Each child a soldier with feelings
    With courage and honor and pride
    Phantom Warriors
    They need a leader
    And I already fought by their side
    Phantom Warriors
    Have phoenix fever
    Dying and been reborn all the time
    I can´t rule my own kingdom
    Phantom Warriors don´t obbey my commands
    Maybe I´m not good enough to be the one
    There will be no leader
    Because fighters are all the same
    And fighters die and fighters live
    While swords are burning cutting what they see
    Now the circle is complete turning around
    Like emotions that pass through the soul when they´re found
    Repeat Chorus
    Taste of glory like taste of blood
    Troops retiring against all odds
    Giving up their broken swords
    Winners lose but battles win
    Crying for their friends within
    And warriors thousands irrigate dry lands
    With dreams that melt
    Like what they felt, oh
    Repeat Chorus

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